The IRROMETER, Company has been in business since 1951, manufacturing soil moisture measuring, controlling, and sampling instruments used worldwide for scheduling irrigation. Principal brand names are IRROMETER (Tensiometer) and WATERMARK (electrical resistance granular matrix sensor). These soil water potential/tension measuring instruments originated in the early part of the 20th Century, and were used by soil and plant scientists to measure soil water status in their experiments.

The IRROMETER Company was the first to produce commercially viable versions of this technology, and although this technology is scientific instrumentation, the instruments are inexpensive and easy to use for all irrigation applications. The use of soil moisture based irrigation scheduling has been proven an efficient way to deliver irrigation water for agriculture, nursery/greenhouse and landscape/urban irrigation. Further, the instrumentation can be used for controlling (automatic irrigation systems) and signaling (for data logging systems and inputs to weather stations).

Since 1951, IRROMETER has dedicated itself to -

"Optimizing Irrigation... Maximizing Conservation... Worldwide - Since 1951"

IRROmesh Solar Powered Wireless Data Logging System (975)

IRROmesh simplifies irrigation management for precision farming like never before! Make your field smarter with the use of world renowned WATERMARK sensors and our new IRROmesh data logging system. IRROmesh nodes "talk" to each other on a network of transmitters that relay what you need to know for site-specific irrigation management.

975N Mesh Node

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2017 Irrigation Show and Education Conference

IRROMETER is a Member of the following Organizations:

Alliance for Water Efficiency Irrigation Association    Irrigation Association    Water Education Foundation     American Society of Irrigation Consultants     California Agricultural Irrigation Association      American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers

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