IRROmesh is a compact, solar-powered, wireless system for in-field measurement of soil moisture, temperature, and other parameters. Sensor data from each node is routed through an interactive mesh network back to a central point where it can be uploaded to the web and made accessible to anyone with an Internet enabled PC or smart device, or stored locally for collection. Each node is capable of reading three soil moisture sensors and a soil temperature sensor, along with inputs for recording irrigation events and rain gauge data.

Utilizing the proven and economical WATERMARKsoil moisture sensors, IRROmesh allows growers to collect real-time data from sensors all over the farm/vineyard and instantly review it to make informed irrigation scheduling decisions. Each IRROmesh radio node automatically relays messages forward, enabling economical data collection over large areas.


• No Batteries Required - Simplifies installation and maintenance

• Self-Initializing - Nodes power up and associate themselves

• Self-Routing - Nodes route communication for maximum efficiency

• Self-Healing - Nodes will re-route in case of network obstructions

• Web Based Data - Store and analyze data over the Internet

• Data Logging - Data can be stored in the field and retrieved with a PC

• Small Size - Easy field installation with small footprint

975 Sales Brochure

975 IRROmesh Datasheet

WATERMARK Sensor Datasheet

PC Link Sensmitpath Software

975N Mesh Node

Data Path Options:

The drawings below illustrate an example installation and the optional paths for data collection- Web Enabled (Cellular or PC Link) or Manual (PC).

Cellular: Data from the IRROmesh network is immediately fed to a Cellular Gateway (975G) on site and uploaded to the Internet.

PC Link: Data from the IRROmesh network is immediately fed to a PC Link Node (975P) connected to a PC on-site. Software on the PC uploads to the Internet.

Manual: Data from the IRROmesh network is stored in a Logger Node (975L) on-site. Data is retrieved with a laptop via USB connection to the Logger Node.

975N Mesh Node
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