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Traditional irrigation controllers simply work on set time schedules, but newer technologies allow for "smart" controllers that make intelligent decisions based on the environment.

According to the Irrigation Association, smart irrigation controllers "reduce overall water usage, typically by 30% or more, saving you money and making a large, positive impact on your community's efforts and water supply."

IRROMETER irrigation control products allow any controller to become a smart controller by using our proven soil moisture sensing technologies. Our devices read the soil moisture before an irrigation and will prevent watering when not required by the plant, providing significant savings even over other smart irrigation methods.


The WaterSwitch works as an add-on device for existing valves or controllers to improve irrigation efficiency based on plant demand. The module will prevent irrigation cycles by signaling the controller’s sensor circuit or interrupting the solenoid power, when the soil moisture status is wetter than the adjustable set point. The kit includes one moisture sensor and has nine moisture set points allowing for a wide range of variation in plant and soil type. An indicator light flashes to show status.


  •   EPA WaterSense Approved
  •   WS-DC - For any battery powered controller equipped with a sensor circuit
  •   WS-AC - For standard controllers using the sensor circuit or as a common interrupt of the valve
  •   Suspends irrigation cycles based on soil moisture status
  •   Nine position switch for variations in plant demand and soil type
  •   Requires no seasonal adjustments

WaterSwitch Spec Sheet

WaterSwitch AC Instructions

WaterSwitch DC Instructions

WaterSwitch Brochure

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