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Our IRROcloud IC-10®, WATERMARK Monitor, Handheld Meter, and IRROmesh solutions allow collection of data from sensors in the field. This collected data provides information about the soil moisture profile your irrigation practices have created, allowing for informed scheduling decisions. Data can be sent directly to the cloud, logged in the field for later collection, or manually collected with a meter.

IRROcloud® IC-10

Real-Time Data on Any Device

  • Data Direct to Cloud
  • LTE-M/NB-IoT Cellular
  • 10 Sensor Inputs
  • IRROcloud Data Platform
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In-Field Data Logging

  • Data Stored on Device
  • Graphing Software Included
  • 8 Sensor Inputs
  • In-Field Display
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Handheld Meter

Simple to Use, Portable Meter

  • Basic Watermark Sensor Reader
  • Adjustable for Soil Temp
  • 0-200 cb Range
  • Replaceable Cable
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IRROcloud® IC-10 Sensor Monitor

Real-Time Data on any Device

Our new IRROcloud solution is a simple, affordable, and reliable solution for automatically collecting sensor data and storing it in the cloud for quick access at any time. Using only four C batteries with a 2+ year life, the IC-10 Sensor Monitor reads up to 10 sensors and reports directly to IRROcloud without any need for additional gateways or devices. With no need for a solar panel or height requirement to communicate with other devices, the IC-10 can easily be installed in orchards or beneath center pivots.

The IRROcloud web platform provides an intuitive interface with a quick reference dashboard, graphing suite, and optional frost alerting.

Device Features:

  LTE-M Cellular Direct to Cloud- no other device needed
  2+ Years of Battery Life- standard "C" batteries
  Easy Setup - no configuration or calibration
  Install Anywhere - no height or solar requirement
  Frost Alerting - sent via text message

Data Platform Features:

  View or Download data- Sensor data available via app from any mobile device or computer. API for data access included.

  Quick View Dashboard- Provides device and sensor status, map, and adjustable threshold gauge panel

  Graphing Suite- For detailed analysis of soil moisture, rainfall, irrigation events, temperatures, and device diagnostic data

Sensor Options:

  6 Watermark Sensors - 200SS (or) 6 IRROMETER RSU-V Tensiometers
  1 Soil Temperature Sensor - 200TS
  1 Air Temperature Station - ATS
  1 Irrigation Pressure Switch - PPS
  1 Rain Gauge - 900RG

WATERMARK Monitor 900M

In-Field Data Logging

The WATERMARK Monitor is our stand-alone data logger, providing users with a reliable, simple, and effective means of collecting information in the field. As well as recording data, the display on the Monitor and can be used to view readings at any time for spot checking conditions.

The Monitor records soil moisture, soil temperature, irrigation on/off status, and rain gauge counts for an accurate record of the performance of your irrigation schedule. Either Watermark 200SS sensors or RSU-V equipped IRROMETER tensiometers can be used to collect soil moisture data.

Information can be downloaded directly to a computer via on-board USB port with the included WaterGraph software, which also includes graphing features for visualization. Downloaded data is stored in a CSV file which can also be accessed by spreadsheet or text editing programs.

Device Features:

  Selectable reading interval
  8 sensor capacity
  Flexible sensor configuration
  WaterGraph Software included
  In-field display of current and recent readings
  Outdoor mount waterproof enclosure
  USB Connectivity

Sensor Options:

  Watermark Sensors - 200SS
  Soil Temperature Sensor - 200TS
  Rain Gauge - 900RG
  IRROMETER RSU-V Tensiometers
  Irrigation Pressure Switch - PPS

WATERMARK Handheld Meter

Portable Meter

Handheld meter for reading 200SS WATERMARK sensors. Adjustable for soil temperature variations. Touchpad operating panel with LCD display.

Device Features:

  Durable case
  9 volt battery with 1+ year life
  Field replaceable cable assembly
  Charts for plotting data

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